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Be Holiday Ready!

The BulaFIT Holiday Challenge™ is a 60-day weight loss and fitness program that helps you transform your body and health! You’ll enjoy a fun positive community with expert information, recognition, and prizes. The Challenge is coached by Owen McKibbin, whose background includes:

  • 30-year fitness veteran
  • Creator of the Warrior Fitness Program and Cover Model Workout
  • Celebrity trainer for Blake Lively, Zac Ephron, Amber Valetta, Jessica Simpson and more
  • 17 time Men’s Health cover model


Join Owen's weekly BulaFIT Call for ongoing coaching, product updates and recognition. This call is every Friday at 10 am ET (8 am MT). Dial (701) 801-1220, pin 144158183# or join online at https://kaduh8.info/ynTpFB1

Take the Challenge

The current BulaFIT Holiday Challenge begins October 15th and will continue to December 15th. To become a participant, complete the registration link below. Then visit back each week to complete your weekly check in.
































How the Challenge Works

The BulaFIT Holiday Challenge is a fitness and fat loss challenge that rewards you for LIVING and SHARING the BulaFIT Lifestyle! Participants use BulaFIT ketogenic products, such as KetoFUEL, BulaFIT BURN, KetoFIZZ, and FuelBOOSTERS and as well as the BulaFIT Warrior Workout to progress towards their fat loss and fitness goals.BulaFIT products help your body "get into" and maintain ketosis, the state in which your body burns fat as its primary energy source. Scroll down for more information about BulaFIT products, the BulaFIT program, and the BulaFIT Facebook Group.

Participants in the Holiday Challenge signup by submitting their beginning weight and measurements along with "before" photos and their overall fat loss and fitness goal. The participant should then join the BulaFIT Facebook Group and BulaFIT Friday Calls for ongoing support, recipe ideas, and training. Scroll down for a complete list of prizes and details.

Participants must complete weekly check ins to share their progress. Challenge points are accumulated by achieving Live BulaFIT and Share BulaFIT goals. Prizes and recognition are awarded based on the total Challenge points earned during the program.


Live BulaFIT*

  • 20 pts  -  Personal monthly BulaFIT order of $100 (limit 1 per month)
  • 5 pts  -    Attend the weekly BulaFIT call (1 a week)
  • 3 pts  -    Complete a workout (limit 5 per week)
  • 2 pts  -    Post on the BulaFIT Facebook Group Page (limit 3 a week)
  • 1 pt   -     Live Keto all day, KetoFUEL and/or Keto Meals (1 a day)
  • PLUS 2 pts for every pound lost during the Holiday Challenge!

Share BulaFIT*

  • 10 pts  -  Enroll a new BulaFIT Paradise Pack (limit of up to 2 a week)
  • 5 pts  -    Enroll a new $100 BulaFIT Customer (limit of up to 2 a week)
  • 3 pts  -    Share a BulaFIT Trial Pack (limit of up to 3 a week)
  • 2 pts  -    Post about BulaFIT on your one social media pages (limit of 3 a week)
  • 1 pt -       Invite someone to try BulaFIT (limit 1 a day)

NOTE: Points on personal BulaFIT Orders, BulaFIT Paradise Packs, $100 BulaFIT Customer Orders, and BulaFIT Trial Packs are determined by the commissionable order date of each order.

A final submission including an "after photo", new measurements, and a brief summary of your experience is required and will be collected between Dec 15-17.

Please be sure to complete your weekly check in each week. The check in link is found above and will also be emailed to participants each week.

*Typical weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. Please note that the causes for being overweight vary from person to person due to genetics, environmental factors, food intake, metabolism and differing levels of exercise. Because of this, results from the BulaFIT Program may vary. No individual result should be seen as typical.

The experiences mentioned are from Independent Ambassadors who have personally used the BulaFIT Program and products. Ambassadors may receive compensation from Wakaya Perfection for sharing and promoting its products and services.



Accumulate Challenge points at any one of these levels and receive prizes and recognition!

Challenger Level - 200 points (with a minimum of 150 Live BulaFIT Points). Receive a BulaFIT Holiday Challenge Pin!

Warrior Level - 300 points (with a minimum of 200 Live BulaFIT Points). Receive a limited Edition BulaFIT Holiday Challenge Bula Infuse bobble™and BulaFIT Holiday Challenge T-Shirt.

Chieftain Level - Top 10 over 500 points (with a minimum of 300 Live BulaFIT Points). Wakaya Gift Pack, Customized BulaFIT Insultate bobble, and (for those who attending our Passport to Paradise Cruise) special dinner with  Wakaya Perfection Executives.

Champion Level - Top 2 over 500 points (with a minimum of 300 Live BulaFIT Points). 2018 Bula Bash National Convention registration refund, Wakaya Gift Bag, professional photo/video shoot, $250 in CASH, and (for those attending our Passport to Paradise Cruise) Spa Session.

BulaFIT Products

Use the BulaFIT Warrior Fitness Program guide found in your BulaFIT Pack to learn more about the 5 Pillars of Warrior Health and how to use Wakaya BulaFIT products to lose fat and get healthy. You can also download and print the BulaFIT Program Tracker to keep track of your progress.


Shop BulaFIT


The BulaFIT Program

Use the BulaFIT Warrior Fitness Program guide found in your BulaFIT Pack to learn more about the 5 Pillars of Warrior Health and how to use Wakaya BulaFIT products to lose fat and get healthy. You can also download and print the BulaFIT Program Tracker to keep track of your progress.

Warrior Workouts

Owen McKibbin's BulaFIT Warrior Workout™ is based on the principles of Zone Progression Training to help provide maximum results in each session. Each workout can be done at home without expensive equipment and provides fitness benefits that can rival those obtained from gyms and other commercial tness establishments. BulaFIT Warrior Workouts are fun, highly efficient and will be available on DVD (via online streaming coming soon).


Get the workouts

The Community

As a participate in the BulaFIT Warrior Challenge we encourage you to tap into our BulaFIT community online. Here you can share your story and enjoy the support of many others who working towards their own health goals. You will also receive daily tips and encouragement by Coach McKibbin. You can access this community by visiting the BulaFIT Facebook Group.

Be sure to attend the BulaFIT Weekly Call for ongoing inspiration, support and motivation from Owen as well as other health experts and fellow participants. The call is held Firdays at 10:00 am ET (9:00 am CT, 8:00 am MT, 7:00 am PT).


Visit Community

Challenge Rules

The BulaFIT Holiday Challenge is open to Wakaya Ambassadors and Customers. Employees of Wakaya, as well as the immediate family (e.g., spouse, parents, siblings and children in the same household) and household members of each such person are not eligible to win. The Contest is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited by law.


Qualification Requirements
Any Wakaya Ambassador or Customer in good standing can participate in the BulaFIT Holiday Challenge. A minimum of two (2) BulaFIT Packs (or equivalent) must be purchased throughout the contest period (Oct 15, 2017 to Dec 15, 2017). All Participants must only use Wakaya products and may not use any competitive products or undergo any medical weight loss procedures. The Wakaya BulaFIT Holiday Challenge begins Oct 15, 2017 and ends Dec 15, 2017.


Participants must register to participate in the Challenge. Registrants may receive periodic emails with helpful information and may participate on the Wakaya BulaFIT Facebook Group. By registering, participants agree to allow Wakaya Perfection to use their name, stated goal and submission information (including weight lost and photo) for communication and marketing purposes.


Weekly Check Ins

Participants in the Challenge must check in weekly by completing the Weekly Check In form above. Challenge points are calculated weekly off of check in data and ordering dat. Check in data, uploaded photos and testimonials may be used by Wakaya Perfection for marketing and general promotion of BulaFIT products and the BulaFIT Challenge.

Results Submission
Once the Contest period is complete (Dec 15, 2017), participants will have 2 days to submit their results (by Dec 17, 2017).



Submissions are evaluated by a Wakaya Perfection judging panel. Additional Challenge points may be awarded by the panel based on total weight lost, their before/after photos and their description of the experience.


Award Presentation

Prizes and recognition will be presented at the 2018 Bula Bash National Convention. Winners must attend the Bula Bash Convention to be presented their awards. Those who are not attending the Bula Bash Convention, and who complete the all of the requirements, may choose to pay postage to have promotional items shipped to them. All other awards or prizes will be forfeited.